YAWA 2017 – Kupio, Finland – Day 2

Michael and Heike are in Kupio, Finland, for three days of outreach called, “YAWA 2017”.

Finish flyer

Michael will be speaking each evening on the following topics, which were selected based on a survey the students carried out in January:

Tuesday: What is the meaning of life?

Wednesday: Why does God allow suffering?

Thursday: Is there life after death?

The mission has started well so far, with 130 coming along on Tuesday night, and many wer happy to stay and talk about what they had heard.  The Christian students had been flyering door to door, and many of those who came had received an invitation this way.  But it was also good to see Christians inviting their friends along.  Pray that interest would continue to grow over the next two nights, and that people would be willing to ask questions and explore more.

You can find out more on the YAWA 2017 website (which is helpfully in Finnish and English!): https://www.yawa.fi/inenglish

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