‘Who loves me?’ – Leeds Trinity Mission Week

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At the end of November the three MOET Associates visited Leeds Trinity University for their mission week, “Who loves me?”  Looking back on the week, Mary writes:

Tleeds2his was the very first mission week for Leeds Trinity Christian Union.  When we arrived, Joe, Heike & I found a small but welcoming and friendly community of students.  Everyone seemed to know each other and be actively involved in each others lives.  This meant the students already knew of the mission week which had been brilliantly advertised across campus.

leeds4Alongside the CU we flyered to advertise the events, and also spent time in conversations through initiatives such as ‘dial-a-donut’, when students are given a donut in exchange for any question related to God or Christianity.  Off the back of this we saw a good number of students coming to lunch and evening events during the week.

Praise God particularly for a great relationship already established between the Catholic society and the Christian Union.  Praise God also that the president of the students union was very supportive, helping us with venues and the arrangements for getting food and resources during the week.

leeds1Although only a small number of students attended lunch and evening events each day, we were very much encouraged that we saw some different students at each event, so that by the end of the week many had heard about Jesus. On the second evening the CU hosted a ‘testimonies night’ around the themes of love and satisfaction.  Amid a number of o ther events happening that same night (including a quiz, a german market trip and an awards night), one girl came with her Christian flatmate and left asking “How can I find Jesus?”  Others have been asking different CU members whether they can attend church at Christmas, and many students took away copies of John’s gospel with them. We are sure that questions will continue to be asked and conversations had with members of the CU.leeds3

Overall, the week was challenging at times, which is normal for any CU just getting started with mission weeks, but I believe that many seeds were planted.  Continue to pray that we will see students coming to know and accept Jesus into their lives.

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very encouraging. May this CU keep going in their efforts and grow in prayer and courage!

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