“What do you think?” – Mission Week in Tblisi, Georgia

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Michael and Oli are in Tblisi, Georgia this week for their mission week. This is the second mission they have organized – you may remember that we were out this time last year helping them with their first.


The mission runs from Tuesday – Thursday and will consist of lunch bar talks at one of the universities at 2pm (11am UK time) and evening events in a church hall at 6pm (3pm UK time).


Georgia is a predominantly Orthodox country but for many Christianity is little more than their cultural identity. Evangelicals can be seen with some suspicion as a Western cult. Do pray that people will not be put off by this but that they will come and see how amazing and life changing the gospel really is.


Georgia also attracts international students from places that would never normally come to the UK. It is therefore a great place to meet people from Muslim backgrounds from countries like Iraq. Pray that we will be able to meet many of them and invite them along.


Do pray for the local IFES group. It is quite a small group but do pray that they would be enthusiastic and active in inviting people to the events.


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Remembering you and that our God is the one who delights in growing big trees from little seeds.

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