Warsaw Mission – Final Report

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The final mission of the academic year for the MOET team was to Warsaw, Poland. Here is a report from Paulina, one of the students who helped to organise the week:

This winter my friend Iza and I were sent by our local Students’ Christian Association to participate in a mission week in Belfast. Our task was to observe and learn how to run such an event from the students from Belfast CU, and then maybe try to organize it in Poland. We had an amazing time there in Belfast – we came back very encouraged and motivated and in all the excitement we decided to do a mission week at the end of May in Warsaw!

We had just 4 months and no experience ,but we knew we had support from the people from the UK we met in Belfast, and we knew that they were willing to come to Warsaw and help us. And of course we had God, and with him nothing is impossible! This was what helped us go through a hard time of preparation when the devil was trying to stop us.
Our local group is not very big and there are not many people seriously involved; our duties are often more important and that is why we had never done such a big event. My attitude changed after our week in Belfast and I knew a mission week would also change my friends here and light up their hearts just like it happened with mine.

We called our event “Festival of Apparent Contradictions”. We wanted to show students that things like faith and science or God’s rules and my freedom are not in contradiction. We had 4 amazing people from UK with us who inspired us and showed us what it means to really be ready to serve God – Michael Ots, Emily Burgess, Tom Welton and Innes Macsween (a UCCF Relay worker from Scotland who had been at the mission in Belfast). They did talks at two meetings each day and took part in all activities during our festival.


It was our first mission week and it was not perfectly organized. Some people from our team had doubts before that maybe this was not the best time and maybe this was not what God wanted us to do. I was responsible for the organization of the whole event and I was really stressed on first day – I felt like I had no control of what going on and it would be a disaster. But this was where God showed that even when we are weak he is strong and he has control over everything and he will strengthen us. Everything went well and it got better and better with every day!

We had quite a lot of conversations with different people, we discussed with atheist in a friendly atmosphere. On meetings maybe we didn’t have all places taken but many more people came along before and after talks to sit, eat cake and just simply talk. More than 20 people left their contacts, and two people said that they were ready to accept Jesus. Some of us had a great opportunity to invite our close friends and now it’s easier to talk to them about God.

Summing up, these four days were worth all the tough preparations and stress we had before. We started something that we would like to continue and develop next year. We are a much stronger group now because we had a huge lesson of faith and putting trust in God and of how to share the gospel.

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Thank you for this encouraging final report. Always wonderful to hear from the local people involved. Praise God and may next years be even better.

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