Want to be a MOET Trainee??

That time of year has come where we are looking for next years MOET Trainees.

‘What is a MOET Trainee?’ I hear you ask.

‘Well, it’s where you come and live in Bournemouth and  spend 10 months working with us, being part of our team’

‘What do we actually do though?’

‘Well, it’s a great variety of things all aimed at sharing the good news of Jesus, but it is linked with Christian Unions all across Europe!’

‘Wow!’ I hear you say.

‘Yes, this year is aimed at growing you in public proclamation of the gospel, speaking at University Event’s weeks, Carol services, CU training weekends away. If you want to be trained to speak publicly in an engaging and effective way then it’s worth thinking about joining the MOET team.’

Each Trainee has the opportunity to take part in a number of CU mission weeks, both in the UK and in Europe. They work alongside the CU to present the good news of Jesus to their friends and course mates. Trainees work closely with Michael and the rest of the team in proclaiming the gospel to the campus in relevant and engaging ways. There will also be opportunities to work with and learn from other experienced evangelists. As the year progresses, Trainees will be given opportunities to speak at lunch bars and other events

Trainees follow a training programme of seminars and set reading, covering key areas of Bible handling, apologetics and communication skills. They also receive regular constructive feedback as they prepare and deliver talks, and there are lots of opportunities to learn by observing others.

There is also an emphasis on personal application and character development throughout the training programme and in regular mentoring sessions.

Is this something you would be interested in?

If so please fill in a contact form on this website and let us know you are interested and we can send you an application pack with more information.

There is an application deadline to allow for time to interview. This deadline is the 16th February. The team


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