‘Think again!’ – St Andrews Mission Week Update



Thank you for your prayers for the team in St Andrews. We are half way through the week and we’ve already seen some really encouraging things take place.

Dick Dowsett is speaking each evening at the international events and there has been real hunger and interest from those who are coming – some forgoing other activities to make sure they could hear the talk. One student missed the talk and asked for it to be repeated because they were so disappointed to miss it. Pray the hunger grows and that many find Christ.

Lunch bars have been well attended with big crowds. Time restrictions limits the amount of questions we can have (we only have about half an hour in total) but pray that God uses it and that people would be well followed up.

The talk on Monday night drew a large crowd to hear Slavko speak. Three students responded – pray they come through to clear faith in Jesus. Last night we had smaller numbers (it’s not so easy to invite people to hear me as I wasn’t a mafia boss!) but there were still several guests and some want to find out more. Several people are meeting up today for coffees with those who are interested and 13 have signed up for the the explore course starting next week.

Do pray that we would see things build today and that the numbers would grow – especially in the evening. Pray for students to be bold in inviting their friends. Pray also for Christian students who haven’t got involved, that they might not miss the opportunity but get stuck in before the week is out.

To listen to the lunch bar talks from the week then go to our downloads page.


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