The Plymouth round up

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Michael writes:


‘The University of Plymouth is classed as a New University (one of the many ex-polytechnic colleges that gained university status in the 90’s). CU’s in such places are often smaller than at traditional universities, and face more challenges in doing mission. The CU in Plymouth was one of the strongest that I have worked with in such a university, and they organised one of the best missions I have seen in a new uni.


One of the marks of the week was that it was superbly organised by a good team, who obviously worked hard and delegated well. The week began with a quiz night on the Monday evening, followed by four days of lunchtime and evening talks. Lunch bars were held in the foyer of one of the university buildings, which meant that the events were very visible but also incredibly cold! Evening events were held in the (incredibly supportive) Methodist Church, which is conveniently located right across the road from the University. A simple format of music, a cooked meal and talk (interspersed with a vox pop video and a testimony) worked well each night, and the church had been attractively decorated for the week. The CU were encouraged by the numbers coming along, with around 70 each lunch and 100 each night, which were bigger than normal.


The CU also produced some really attractive publicity. Not only flyers, but also creative use of social media with profile photos and an excellent promo video. However, in New Uni’s it is often harder to get people to come to events through publicity alone.  So it was significant that one of other marks of the CU was the way they welcomed and included people. Coming in from outside we certainly felt very loved and appreciated,  but the CU were also obviously good at being this way with guests who came along.


I was struck by the course mates who came along – sometimes whole groups for the same class. It was clear that many of them would have never come to the event if it wasn’t for their Christian friend’s invitation, but as the week went on we saw many soften to the gospel. Several guests commented how the CU had made them feel so welcome. One student, who had huge issues with Christianity and a lot of genuine hurt caused by Christians in his past, told me he was there because a Christian had become one of his closest friends. Genuine friendship and love had obviously softened his heart so that he happily came to numerous events to hear more.


It was a joy to see three students clearly profess faith during the week and a few others were there or thereabout! It was lovely to see the joy on the face of one just after she had prayed to trust Christ, and her hunger to meet up with Christian friends straight away to start studying the Bible.


Do pray for the many others who heard the gospel but as yet have not responded to it. Over the rest of the term each of the CU small groups is going to run the Alpha course, with the aim of bringing along the friends who came to the mission week.’


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well done Plymouth in not only telling the good news but demonstrating it.

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