Swansea CU “Satisfied?”

This week Michael and the rest of the team are in Swansea for the final UK mission of the term. Things have started really well – the CU are enthusiastic and really well organised, and we had a couple of good lunchbars on “Has science buried God?” today… but more on those in tomorrow’s update! Michael will be sharing the speaking with Lindsay Brown, and others on the team will be speaking at some smaller events and international dinners. Once again we’re joined by an international team of guests, this week including students and IFES staff from Slovenia, Serbia and Ukraine. Plus we’ve brought a few friends from England, including Mary Navey, one of our trustees!

Here’s the flyer for the week so you can see all the events we have coming up…


Tonight, Andy Mayo is joining us for an acoustic concert where Michael will speak.

We’d love it if you could pray with us! Pray for the CU as they invite their friends. Pray for Michael, Lindsay and others as they speak this week. And pray for the students at Swansea University, that they would find out about Jesus and trust him with their lives this week.

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