Swansea CU “Satisfied?” – Day 3


The team are with Lindsay Brown and Swansea CU this week for their mission week, “Satisfied?”  Gareth writes:

We had another really good day here in Swansea yesterday.  If you’ve read the blog before, you might know that we refer to Wednesday as Golden Wednesday.  It can often be the toughest and most tiring day, so we make an extra effort to encourage and care for each other.  But it can also often be the day when fruit starts to show, as we move from clearing away objections to really focussing on the person and work of Jesus.  Yesterday Michael spoke at lunchtime on the arrogance of Christianity in claiming that there’s only one way to God, and in the evening we explored the question of suffering through a combination of music, drama and video, plus a talk from Lindsay.  They are both big questions, but questions which get right to the heart of who Jesus is.

To give you a taste of Golden Wednesday, I thought I’d share three quick stories from our prayer meeting this morning (three of many!):

Last night Elisa went along to the international dinner, where she met a young lady from Hong Kong.  As they talked, Elisa was able to explain that it was possible to have a real relationship with God because of what Jesus has done.  The girl was surprised and intrigued by this idea.  Eventually Elisa was able to pray with her as she accepted God’s offer of a relationship with him!

I went for dinner with two CU members.  As we walked to their flat on campus, they explained that 16 people were coming to dinner!  So we crammed into their tiny kitchen, where I got chatting to a group of lads.  One of them asked me why I became a Christian, and I was able to share a bit of my testimony with them.  After dinner, everyone came over to the evening event, and most of the guests stayed until well after 10pm asking and discussing their questions.

Then at the evening meeting, a group of international students turned up after receiving a flyer.  They’d been in the country for less than a week, and they were all from a closed country where it is almost impossible to hear anything about Jesus.  Some of our team were able to chat to them, many seemed interested and are planning to come back to other events.  It’s exciting to think that God is reaching the nations through the mission here in Swansea, including countries where it would be all but impossible to go as a missionary!

Give thanks to God for all he is doing this week!  And pray for today.  Michael is speaking this lunchtime, again on the question of suffering, there is another international meal this evening, and that will be followed by Lindsay speaking on love.  Pray for Michael and Lindsay speaking on such personal topics, and pray that people would find what they’re looking for in Jesus!



Brilliant blogs – well done Gareth
Truly inspiring reports
Makes our praying really relevant – even though from a distance!
Well done Swansea CU for making such inviting, innovative venues and decorations.
Praying that last day will see a great reaping of much sowing throughout the week.
To God be the Glory – for what He has done already and will continue to do


Thanks Judith, and thanks for your prayers!

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