Swansea CU “Satisfied?” – Day 2


The team are in Swansea for “Satisfied?” where Michael is speaking each day along with Lindsay Brown. Looking back on Day 2, Gareth writes:

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Just a quick update today before I head off to help with setting up for today’s lunchbars! We had another really good day yesterday – as happens on most missions, we ironed out lots of the issues that cropped up on day 1, so the whole day went really smoothly; the sun even shone in the morning, which made flyering and inviting much easier!

The lunchbars were really good: Michael spoke on the reliability of the Bible, and there were some great questions after each. It was great to see familiar faces coming back again, and also some new people who came because they’d received a flyer.

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In the evening I spoke at the first international meal of the week, on “is Britain just a western religion?” We didn’t have many guests, but there were some! There were some interesting questions afterwards, and most of the guests came along to the evening event.

Straight after the international meal we headed over to Costa. Although there were some logistical issues to get over (for example, we couldn’t use any amplification, and the coffee-making process is surprisingly noisy!), it was a great venue. There were lots of guests there, and Lindsay spoke to them brilliantly on the evidence for God. The staff loved having us – they advertised the rest of our events (not in Costa) on their Facebook page, and one staff member took away a book to read.

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This morning Alex, the Relay Worker at Swansea CU and a former Swansea student, said that he’s heard more encouragement from the last couple of days than in all of the other missions he’s been involved with here! Praise God for the enthusiasm and dedication of the CU and the CU Guest team, and praise God that he’s so clearly at work here!

Today Michael is speaking at lunch on, “isn’t it arrogant to claim there is only one way to God?” There’s an international meal this evening looking at “which God should I follow?” And then Lindsay will speak tonight on, “Where is God in a world of suffering?” There are some big questions today – we’d love some big prayers! Thanks!



couldn’t bear to go to bed until our report came in. They make my day especially when laid up post -surgery and only able to pray (best thing to do) and not do much of anything myself in the sharing of Jesus


Thanks for being part of what we’re doing here Christine! And we hope you’re feeling better soon!

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