Swansea CU “Satisfied?” – Day 1

The team are in Swansea this week for Swansea CU’s mission week, entitled “Satisfied?” Gareth reports on how the first day went:

Things got off to a really good start yesterday. A good number of students gathered first thing in the morning to pray and to eat breakfast, and there was an obvious sense of excitement around the CU as so many months of planning finally came together.

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We’ve been joined by another team of international guests, this time from Serbia and Slovenia, plus Marina from Ukraine and some helpers from other parts of England and Wales. Do pray for our international visitors, that their week in Swansea would inspire and embolden them as they prepare for their own mission weeks.

Although yesterday was quite wet and miserable, the students did some great advertising for the lunchtime talk on “has science buried God?” Dressed in lab coats and ‘mad scientist’ wigs, they took a poll to find out what people thought, and invited them to vote by adding dirt to a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ pile!

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The lunchbars were held in one of the Union bars. This kind of venue has some big pros – it’s a neutral and relaxed space, and there are often people already in the bar who stay around to listen to the talk. But it also has some drawbacks – it can be noisy and distracting. Despite these potential problems, the talks were well attended (especially considering it was the first event of the mission), people listened well and asked good questions. Michael gave the same talk twice, at 12 and 1pm, which meant that more people could come along. There were lots of good discussions afterwards, including several people who arranged to meet up with a CU Guest to talk more. Marina spoke with one guy for a long time after the second lunchbar, even looking at Luke’s gospel together.

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In the evening we were joined by musician Andy Mayo, who sang and explained the stories behind his songs, and Michael also spoke. It was brilliant to see a bland lecture room turned into a really inviting space, which was also helped by the CU providing some delicious cakes and desserts.

Today the sun is shining, and excitement it growing! Michael is speaking twice at lunchtime, on “How can I trust what the Bible says about Jesus?” and Lindsay will speak this evening on “Is anyone there? Evidence for the existence of God.” Tonight we also have our first international meal of the week, where I’ll be speaking on, “Is Christianity a western religion?”

Thanks for praying for us!

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