Subotica Mission – Day 2

This week the MOET team are in Subotica, Serbia.  As Day 2 begins, Mary writes…

img_0546We had a wonderful team prayer meeting over breakfast yesterday, thinking over Eph 3:20 and being assured of God’s power at work in us.  Arriving in the town of Subotica we found a large crowd who had attended first aid training, which provided us with the perfect opportunity to hand out some of the 5000 flyers the IFES group had printed.  The location for the evening meeting was nearby making it easy to show people the way.

The team felt guided by the Holy Spirit as we walked and met people with whom we had some great conversations.  An example of one such conversation happened as I was walking to the economics university: a student I met was genuinely seeking answers to life and said he could not wait to meet Michael and the team to ask his questions.

img_0552This first evening event proved to be a good opportunity to meet people, despite being such a small team.  We did encounter a few challenges with people being distracted and would ask that you pray for people to come ready and eager to listen tonight as Michael shares on the subject of suffering. We have been encouraged by the number of people attending events with friends – please pray that they continue to come along as we continue to serve here in Subotica.


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