Subotica – Day 3

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Michael and the team are in Subotica, Serbia, for the first ever mission week in the town.  As the mission reaches the halfway point, Joe reflects on the previous day:

Day 2 of the mission here in Subotica seemed to offer a time of both breakthroughs and knockbacks as we witnessed to students across the city.  A couple of conversations with locals were thrown in for good measure too!

It was just as well this followed a heartening devotion time together in 2 Cor 2v14-17 that saw us stirred to celebration once more, as ‘captives of Christ’s triumphal procession.’  And we were reminded of our smell – ‘the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing’ – that to one brings death and to another brings life.  We were encouraged to see the hope held out in these verses for those who don’t yet know Jesus or seem to be distant from him; sometimes God would have it that those who appear distant are in fact seriously searching.

In that vein we ask you to please pray for the specific 2 or 3 that joined us (amongst others) at our evening cake cafe event who proved to be particularly ardent in asserting fairly hardened, bizarre, left-field views in response to our airing of the Good News.  Ultimately, praise God for a relatively attentive group of guests who were willing to listen and seriously discuss the topic of suffering and God further, following the previous night.  One student even prayed through some deep personal difficulties with a member of our team, in which they also asked to receive Jesus’ gift of forgiveness and life, potentially for the first time!

Daytime flyering, meeting and greeting was worked out with two additions on the part of our team: a merry band of Belgraders (visiting from EUS to help for the day) and an actual band… well, Michael and I throwing together a Cajon/Guitar duo last minute.  We meandered our way through Robbie Williams’ Angels, just about, to draw attention to our city square stall holding teas, coffees, books and our question board.  Many stuck up thoughts on post-it notes in response to the question of ‘what causes our suffering?’, with students discussing similar things with us at other faculties through the afternoon.  One such group of students in the city centre were so positively surprised by one of the stories they heard, lifted from a gospel account, that they were convinced to come the following night, and 2 of us got the chance to pray with them all to meet Jesus!  Pray they would come back and go well in beginning or continuing that journey of faith.

Thank you!

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Always a delight to pray for you day by day and be part of the work you’ve involved with. Lovely to ‘hear of’ answers to prayers

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