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Michael Writes:

‘This was the third city-wide mission week in Manchester. I was involved in the first one with Michael Green back in 2016, so it was great to go back and see the way things had grown. The week was superbly organised and delivered to a very high quality.


Lindsay Brown and I shared the evening talks, with Peter Teagle of Friends International speaking at the international events.  Ann Brown and the three MOET trainees gave a number of the other lunch bar talks. We also had a great team of local, national and international CU guests helping out with the week.


After a well-attended central prayer meeting the students and CU guests scattered across the city to the different universities. The CU at the University of Manchester is the largest of the groups, and held two lunch talks each day throughout the week, with numbers and interest growing steadily. Manchester Metropolitan University organised two lunch bars and a debate with the Islamic Society, while Salford University held three more lunch bars. The events at both Man Met and Salford went really well, and were better attended than in previous years. One of the reasons for this was that they had come up with some intriguing talk titles – ‘What would Jesus say to Kim Kardashian? /Kim Jong-unn? / Taylor Swift? / Stormzy?’

As well as the usual flyering and stalls we also had a team from YWAM helping with creative engagement by inviting passing students to help create giant murals outside the universities.


The evening events were planned to a very high standard, that gave students real confidence to invite their friends. Each night featured a different story – an up and coming solo artist, a cancer specialist, a property tycoon, a dynamic leader of a local charity as well as two students. I particularly enjoyed interviewing Vicki Armstrong. 25 years ago she had dramatically come to faith after a CU meeting in the very same room that we were meeting in. Since then she has set up a brilliant charity that reaches out to people in one of the poorest and most deprived parts of the city. Each story then linked to the talks that Lindsay and I gave. Numbers were a little disappointing on the first night, but had doubled by the second night and continued to grow as CU members gained confidence.


A personal highlight for me was the debate with Islamic Society. Having spent a good part of the last year studying Islam (the Pfander online course is superb and I highly recommend it) I felt it was time to jump in at the deep end and have a go at a public debate. My ‘opponent’ was Shabir Yusef who regularly debates on Speaker’s Corner, among other places. I was very apprehensive beforehand but once the event began I really enjoyed it – what a great opportunity to speak so clearly about Jesus to people who would not otherwise hear! The event was the largest that the CU at Man Met have ever organised, and led to lots of positive conversations afterwards, and a good number of gospels taken away. (You can watch it online in two places – this is a higher quality recording but contains comments by Shabir added later!) (Or our own recording will be added shortly).



We often pray that God would not only draw people to Christ during such mission weeks but that some would go on to make a significant impact. It was, therefore, a joy to see a student from one of the least-reached people-groups in the world come to faith – and already have a desire to share Jesus with their friends and family. Another postgraduate student came to faith whose sharp mind could well be used to advance the Kingdom in future years. Do pray that they and others will, in the words of Francis Schaeffer, ‘create ripples that will go on for eternity’.’


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