“Story Canterbury” March, 6th – 10th


Today “Story Canterbury” is starting –  the whole mission is tailored around the story theme with different people being interviewed in the evenings. We had a well attended prayer meeting in a cozy coffe shop in town this morning. At the moment the marquee at Kent university is being set up and Michael Green will be speaking on “An oppressive story – hasn’t the church been responsible for so much evil?”. At Christchurch university we are about to start with first contacts, handing out teas and coffees to people and asking them whether they think that Jesus would vote for Donald Trump. Michael Ots will speak at the lunchbar on “A political story – What would Jesus say to Donald Trump?” Please, pray that first contacts would go well and the provocative talk title would get people interested to come to the events.

There are four international dinners going on this week as well. Today Joe is speaking on Jn 1. Please, pray that many internationals would come, get intrigued and that they would come along to the main evening events. There, in a marquee Michael Green will be speaking on the question “Who is Jesus?”. Please, pray that the students would be bold to invite their friends, that practicalties would go smothly and we get a good first day with significat conversations.

We have a team of CU guests in Canterbury, relays, people from Wycliffe and international guests as well. A student from Portugal is here to watch the mission and get ideas for the first ever universitiy mission in Portugal. It would be great if you could pray for the team, that they serve the CU well and that the week would be encouraging for them, too.


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