STORY Canterbury, Day 5

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We had an encouraging day yesterday and several people professed faith! Praise the Lord for that! We are so thankful for a lot of encouraging stories! Please, do pray that people will be deeply rooted in the gospel, that they find local churches and that the follow up goes well. One of the challenges is that the term will be over soon; at Christchurch there’s only one week left.

Yesterday’s lunchbar at Christchurch was at a different venue, the upper room of a local pub. The talk ended with a very strong personal testimony and conversations were going on for a long time. Please, pray for “A”, one of the housemates of the CU memebers. He’s been around for nearly every event and is very close to make a step of committment.

Hear what Chris, the staffworker writes about the event:

“An incredible evening at STORY! Tonight saw David Burrows (MP) share about his faith and then Michael Ots share about Jesus dying on the cross for us. We then joyfully saw a number of students place their trust in Jesus for the first time tonight. My job allows me the privilege of seeing passionate students serving and proclaiming Jesus on campus and it culminates in nights like this one…This year we decided we wanted to break with our tradition of half interested evangelism and push hard for excellence in mission and we formed a Mission Planning Team… They’ve prayed and planned their hearts out so the whole CU are able to invite friends and pray in 24 events over 5 days with a follow up course to come. I’m so very very proud of every single person in the Canterbury CUs for stepping out in faith that God would and could move and you’ve done your churches proud #STORYCanterbury”

Please, pray for the lunchbars today: Michael is speaking at Kent on “A Judgemental Sory – How could a God of love send people to hell” and Joe is speaking at Christchurch on “A Tragic Story – Why doesn’t God stop the suffering?”. Tonight is the final night on the resurrection. Please, pray for Michael Green as he’s giving the talk and pray that many would come to faith tonight.


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praying with tears in my eyes. Wonderfully encouraging reports. Oh that we would see this here in Taiwan.

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