Something More – Edinburgh City-wide Mission Week – Day 5

This week the team are joining several CUs in Edinburgh for the city-wide “Something More?” mission week.  As the week draws to a close, Joe writes:

I never thought I’d be kicking off a mission update with a word on the world of virtual reality gaming, but after yesterday’s happenings at Napier Edinburgh University, it would seem appropriate.  Imagine something akin to that dreamt up in the Back to the Future franchise and you’d have an eye for the kind of cardboard gaming goggles I sported ready for a short stint as a Virtual Reality Headset Tester…  As you can also imagine, it took very little for the survey-conducting student sat next to our CU stall to persuade me.  It proved a fun 5 minutes, but the real delight was the conversation that ensued following the test.

After a lovely, open chat with one international student, they agreed to meet again just before the lunchtime event on ‘Where is God in violence and suffering?’ and head there together.  They found Heike’s talk thought-provoking, and it stirred them to consider, possibly for the first time, the deeper question of what lies beyond death and whether they should personally receive Christ and follow Him.  This student is uncertain, but searching.  Another student also unexpectedly joined us following a moving encounter together during Tuesday lunchtime’s event, where they committed in prayer to following Jesus.  They’re excited to get started with a local church, and the two of us, along with the other international student, are hoping to meet this afternoon before attending the international meal and evening event together.  Please pray for these two!

The small numbers of unbelieving guests attending our lunchtime events at Napier University have all so far come off the back of first-contact conversations in the morning.  It’s encouraging to see how God is drawing those the CU haven’t previously met, although it would be great to see more friends of the 8-10 strong CU, so though we pray on for these!

Whilst Tuesday and Thursday brought good news, Wednesday was frustrating at Napier. I gave a talk on ‘What kind of God can’t take a joke?’ to a no guests (the only one, a receptionist at the uni, had to leave a few minutes in due to her being on lunch break and needing to get back to work).  I didn’t feel as if I did a great job of the talk either.  Add this to a continuing battle with a horrible virus that flared up on the Sunday we left for Edinburgh and this particular Wednesday definitely didn’t feel like a ‘golden’ one this time.  We trust still the Lord is at work for good in these experiences. Please pray for the health and energies of the MOET team to push through this last day, particularly myself and Michael, who are still struggling to keep on top of nasty colds.

Having said this, the large numbers of seeking students at our evening events has been a thrill to see, and the stories shared in prayer meetings night by night following invested conversations are a firm encouragement.  It was wonderful to hear that, after my student host and I prayed for his friends on the Sunday I arrived, 6 of them came to the event Tuesday night, and 4 of them have been coming back since! 2 of them are asking particularly searching questions and properly weighing the things of the Christian faith, so do remember them in your prayers, as well as my host, Tom.

Please pray too for an international student friend of Heike’s who gave they’re life to Christ Wednesday night after coming to the UK to ‘find Christianity’.  Mary and I have got to know another student friend well over the last few days of events; they feel such a strong pull to Jesus and a sense that they belong in His family, though am not sure they have made that definitive step toward Christ yet. They’re returning for the resurrection talk this evening- please pray for this student too if you can! Thank you :)

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