“Sceptical” Kristiansand mission week Round Up

This week Emily and Tom have been in Kristiansand with the LAGET student group for their first ever mission week. Now back in Bournemouth, Emily writes:

“We’ve come to the end of the Skepsisuga (Sceptics week) here in Kristiansand but it’s not the end of the mission to the students on the campus here. Uncover groups start next week and the Christian students who have been involved this week seem to be encouraged and inspired to keep going and grow the outreach ministry here.

Yesterday was a good day; several students came from a theological college nearby to support the group by doing the waffle stand in the morning, meeting and inviting students to the lunchtime events. The students have been doing questionnaires in the mornings as well, which has been interesting and helped them realise where people are at with ideas of God and faith.


At lunchtime, I spoke on ‘Sceptical about absolute truth? How can Jesus be the only way?’ And we had some interesting questions afterwards, and some new faces coming. We met a student from Sri Lanka who is really keen to find out about Christianity and we promised the group would start an English speaking Uncover group so he could join in.

Next we ran a ‘Grill A Christian’ event, with 3 Norwegian students on the panel, which had the largest attendance since the debate on Monday with lots of great and varied questions being asked. The students answering were calm and Biblical in their answers so praise God for that. Some students from the Grill a Christian came along then to the evening, where Tom spoke about whether Jesus is relevant, and shared the gospel in a compelling and clear way.

Overall, Skepsisuga been a small but significant step as it has been a good week to refocus the CU here. Up until now the students themselves have not been doing much outreach, mainly focusing on small group Bible studies for Christians, and these haven’t been so well attended recently. So the staff and leaders are encouraged to see more people getting involved this week and to look forward and consider what outreach they can continue to do regularly throughout the year. Please pray for the group here that this week will be a refresher for their vision and that the momentum of this week won’t be lost.

Please also pray for the friendships and investigations into Jesus that have started this week to continue, and for the seeds sown to grow and bear fruit by God’s grace.

Thank you for your prayers!”

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