Satisfied17 at UCL – Day 4

This week the MOET team are at University College London as part of Satisfied 17, a London-wide CU mission week.  On day 4 (Thursday), Joe writes:

Writing now on the 4th day of the UCL mission, yesterday saw the introduction of some colourful novelty costumes as a silly way to grab the attention of passing students as we flyered and chatted with them on campus.  After the imposing gorilla and fun banana were taken by Loz the student worker and Richard the student respectively, I was lumped with the carrot costume that I secretly wanted anyway.

16251597_10158074109090361_1556616689090445278_oI decided, in the spirit of the theme of the week, to fully embody my role as ‘the dissatisfied carrot’ (see pic below) while alongside the students for our ‘satisfied’ week of gospel proclamation events.  Believe it or not, kicking off conversations with a line as left-field as “I’m probably the most depressed carrot you’ll ever meet” actually threw up some rather flavourful conversations on the week’s theme of satisfaction and how Jesus might fit into that picture.

One invested discussion with a student lasted a good two hours longer than he likely anticipated, considering how averse he seemed to be to what we were doing at the start of the conversation.  This student began to see that (if not God) we all place something supremely at the centre of our lives that drives us, and that his anti-religion position had holes when considering what moved him to cast value judgements and say that something was morally right or wrong.  By the end of our conversation, he admitted he may well be more of an ‘agnostic’, that God probably did exist, and that he was a little more curious about Jesus than he’d wanted to let on.  Though we connected on Facebook, further significant discussion seems unlikely considering how opposed he was to coming along to one of the events (mainly because of experiences with previous ‘hypocritical’ or ‘arrogant’ Christians).  But he would like to read John ‘at some point’ and has Christians around him – please pray he’ll relinquish his all to Christ as Lord and Saviour as he discovers more about Him!

The lunchtime event exploring the question of exclusive truth, and whether all ways lead to God, was packed with many more guests than the day before, particularly international students.  Many intriguing questions were asked and students seemed to be particularly engaging on the topic – a few bought 2 or 3 books each to take away and discover more about Jesus.  A few guests then joined some of their CU student friends for the evening event with Don Carson looking at Jesus as the bread of life – an answer to prayer after no guests came with UCL students the day before.  Some were encouraged off the back of significant conversations that night and earlier on in the quad.

In another packed lunchtime event today, focusing this time on ‘why would a good God allow suffering?’, Michael got the chance to reconnect with a student who joined us on the museum tour on Tuesday, who stayed through the talk and Q & A to continue chatting to Michael afterwards.  Heike was also able to spend some time exploring the gospel with a student she met whilst flyering the day before, meeting with a UCL CU member too to discuss things further as a 3.  Please pray for these students and for more to join us tonight and tomorrow, that we may see some making significant movements toward relationship with Jesus!”

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