Satisfied 17 at University College London – Day 3

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This week the team are in London for Satisfied 17, the London-wide CU mission week, with the MOET team based at University College London.  At the midway point, Mary writes:

UCL LunchbarLunch bars have been well attended; on Monday it was standing room only, and today the lecture hall was filled with students eager to hear about how Jesus could be the only way to God.  This is a hot topic for UCL students studying in one of the world’s most multi-cultural universities in one of the most multi-cultural cities.  Michael spoke clearly and warmly, encouraging students to open up John’s gospel throughout the talk and giving them the opportunity to ask questions in an extended period of Q&A.  Pray that as they reflect on what they heard and read the gospels over the coming days they would encounter the risen, living Jesus for themselves!

Yesterday afternoon a few seeking students joined us on a guided tour (led by Michael!) of the British museum, looking particularly at some excavated artefacts holding connections with Old Testament times.  Following a lunchtime talk on the topic of the New Testament’s reliability, it proved insightful for those who joined us and led to further conversations with them on the evidence for whether the Bible can be trusted, and the Jesus it speaks about.

UCL Fruit Flyering

Tonight is the second evening of ‘Satisfied?’ where Don Carson will be responding to the question ‘can I ever be satisfied?’ exploring what brings lasting satisfaction.  Lots of Christians attended last night, but not so many guests.  Pray for the Christian students to be bold in inviting friends, giving lecture shout outs, and that we would see more guests come along.  Pray that those who are searching and make the brave step of coming along to All Souls church will cross the line to faith in Jesus!

Pray for us as a team too, that we would remain enthusiastic and passionate as we come alongside students in the practicalities of this week, as we engage in conversations, and most importantly for all of us to have the wisdom to know when to ask people to start a relationship with Jesus!  Pray for two students who ticked all three ‘very satisfied’ boxes and want to find out more.  One commented that they were not religious but found the talks very interesting.

UCL Stall

Check back for more updates from Satisfied17 at UCL as the week goes on.

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delighted to have an update. Makes it much easier to pray

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