Really? Mission Week in Armenia

Michael writes:

Mary, Heike, Joe and I have just arrived in Armenia where we will be part of a university mission this week.  The mission is called ‘Really?’, encouraging people to question some of their assumptions about life and the Christian faith.

Tomorrow I will speak at an international student event, ‘All religions lead to God – really?’  We’re expecting students from Iran and India in particular, so I’m really exciting about this opportunity.

The mission actually started before we arrived; they had two events tonight and have already had some great conversations with really open students.  We will run different events each day, building up to a weekend away in the mountains, to which we’ll invite all the students we’be met.

Please do pray that we would adjust quickly to a very different culture (and time zone!) and make the most of the opportunities, and that God would open a door for our message! Thanks!

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