PRESENCE conference, Germany

The MOET team are in Germany for the weekend for the 10th European Student Evangelism Conference. In 2012, 2000 students and staff celebrated Easter together at the conference in Györ, Hungary. As we meet here in Aschaffenburg to celebrate Easter 2017, we are reflecting on the theme of “Presence”: Being present in our world, God being present with us, and our presence in universities. 1,700 students have come from across the continent with 20 students from Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa here as guests. Michael is speaking tonight at the main meeting about mission weeks. Please pray for this strategic opportunity, that his message inspires many missions across Europe over the coming year. Elisa, a previous MOET associate is hosting tonight’s meeting. Pray for her as she leads. Following this evenings meeting, students will be encouraged to visit the MOET and Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of Europe (FEUER) stand. Pray students will be eager to find out more, sign up to receiving regular updates about the work of MOET/FEUER and come along to tomorrow’s follow up Q&A session. There have been 17 students attending the afternoon mission week track, which Michael has been speaking at from various countries including Serbia, Georgia, Romania, and the Netherlands. Pray these students will learn much that will equip them with organising future mission weeks back in their countries. Pray with us that the Spirit of God will use all of our efforts for his purposes.

Happy and blessed Easter from Germany! Mary


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