Portsmouth and Aberystwyth

This week the team has split. Joe Oli and David are at a mission in Portsmouth and Michael and myself are in Aberystwyth.

I will attempt to keep you updated on both of them!


Joe will be speaking at  both the lunch and evening event today. Lunch is ‘Irrelevant: What can God give me that uni can’t? ‘ and the evening is ‘Real image with a quiz night’

Please pray for Joe as he prepares and delivers these talks. Pray that he can find himself resting in God and knowing that he can rely on God to speak through Joe. Pray that the Cu can invite many people and that they would come and hear a fantastic message and be drawn to find out more about Jesus as a result.

Oli writes:

‘The first day started really well. There were around 10 of us at the prayer meeting and we had a good time to pray and encourage each other. The students are really enthusiastic to make it work and when I went out flyering with them, the group became even bigger with more enthusiastic students. They are doing a great job of flyering. they started  last week and are spreading a lot of information on social media. We hope that a lot of friends and coursemates will turn up for this week of events and we are looking forward to seeing Joe speak at lunchtime. It’s already encouraging to see!!’



Meanwhile in Aberystwyth…

We started with prayer meeting at 7:45 sharp and everyone is now actively flyering on campus, serving coffee at a couple of other locations across the uni. The CU here have a few really creative advertising plans up their sleeves and you can tell that they are really excited to get going. It’s encouraging to return and see the CU growing and filled with first years who are at the helm of what is going on!

They had a last minute change of venue as a marquee that was going to be placed in the center of campus couldn’t be delivered. So the lunch bars will be in the dining hall of the welsh halls of residence , Pantycelyn. It is located half way up teh hill between the town and thhe university. Every student that has lectures on the main campus would walk past it to get there. We need to pray that they would be willing to pop in and hear the lunch bars there!

Today Michael will speak on ‘Has science disproved God? ‘

this evening Michael will interview a student and then speak following that.

Here are Abers flyers so you can be kept in the loop of what is happening each day.

There are 3 events each day. a lunch bar, an international event where Mark Pickett (an ex Aber student) will speak and an evening event in the Marine Hotel on the seafront!



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