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Thank you for all your prayers! It has been a busy start to the week here in Plymouth with lunch time talks, evening talks and  international talks all in full swing, along with some 3 hour conversations with people after lunchbars. What a privilege it is to see God working so clearly so early on in a week like this!

There has been much to be thankful for!

The CU here are extremely welcoming and kind, giving up beds and lovingly making sure guests are well looked after. They are working tirelessly to ensure that everything runs smoothly with the events, from organising testimonies to arranging music and putting chairs out and clearing them away. This CU seem passionate and joyful in their service to the Lord and love of people!

We have heard of some who have indicated they would like to come along to the Alpha course starting soon after the week.

One story I would like to share with you…

A student from the CU has invited her course mates to come along to the weeks events, they have ALL come to every event that they can attend and some have asked hundreds of questions and others take things in more quietly. One student sat on our table at lunch time today and after hearing Michael’s talk on ‘ Is God just a psychological crutch?’ said ‘I believe him when he speaks of these things, I just don’t want to believe it’s true.’ This evening she came along to the talk Michael was giving on ‘Am I really free?’ and after the talk she abruptly left.  Accompanied to the door by her friend from the CU she stated, ‘ I believe this is true, if millions of others also believe this is true then it must be! This means I have to follow Jesus, I want to be a Christian.’ She prayed and then said, ‘Right I shall leave now! ‘

What an encouraging thing to end this Wednesday hearing!

God is working and in the hearts of some he will work quietly and in others it may be more visible, but we can be encouraged that God really does speak!

I have also been chatting to some of the members of the CU and one student said :

‘I am encouraged by how many people are coming and how many conversations about Jesus are being had. I’ve been seeing God softening hard hearts and people enthusiastic to know about Jesus and who he is. It’s affected me by pushing me out of my comfort zone and showing me the worth of Jesus, and that we cannot do things in our own strength, but it’s all through him!

It’s great having a visiting team too, because it provokes me to talk to others about Jesus more, it helps me to see what it looks like to have those conversations and it’s also really valuable to have the extra help and support.’

Some of us are tired and flagging a little BUT this reminds us why we do what we do, and most importantly who it is we are doing this for. It’s not something we are doing just to feel good and be nice to people.

This is something we do because we believe Jesus is real and we want others to see him for who he really is.

Tomorrow we have the same format with a prayer meeting to start the day followed by flyering and then a lunchtime talk which will be delivered by Oli on ‘Isn’t God judgmental?’ and then an international event where David will speak on ‘Is there an answer to my shame?’  In the evening Michael will speak on ‘ Real forgiveness, Is a fresh start really possible?’

Please be praying for more people to meet Jesus as they have done today.



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so encouraging. May the new believers start by bringing others to ‘find what they’ve found’

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