Novi Sad Mission Week Update #1




Tom writes:

After two days of sunshine, the rain we’d been promised since Monday has finally set in. But that won’t be enough to dampen our spirits. It’s been an exciting time here in Novi Sad with plenty going on all over the place.

Yesterday we set up shop with our campus coffee stand. I decided it was about time I practised some Serbian phrases but ended up getting a bit tongue-tied. Further proof that the English leave a lot to be desired in terms of foreign languages. Despite it being slightly colder, many people were still out and about and willing to take part in our questionnaires. Yesterday the subject was on Heaven and Hell and God’s justice. A common theme was ‘you get what you deserve’, so it was a joy to be able to say that the gospel message is the complete opposite: Jesus took what we deserve and we get what we don’t deserve!

During the day, Michael gave two lectures at the philosophy faculty on ‘Is faith rational?’ It was a great opportunity to strengthen the CU’s existing relationship with this department as well as to promote the week to two classes of philosophy undergrads. Michael says that once they warmed up there were plenty of questions bouncing back and forth and many were keen to buy a copy of What Kind of God?, or Kakev Je To Bog? as it’s known here.

In the evening we returned to our previous night’s venue, a bar called Route 66. There Michael spoke on the day’s topic: what kind of God would send good people to Hell? Numbers had grown from the previous night, with some guests returning and others coming for the first time. I had a lengthy discussion with a student about all manner of things, from the Bible’s authenticity to God’s view of women and the purpose of life. It was tough to keep up because of the language barrier but I’m praying God will use whatever was said to make him think more about the gospel. He said he’d return with a friend tonight, so please pray that he would.

Another student who came along also had a good chat with a couple of members of the team. He said he’d never understood the Bible like this before and never realised that God offers forgiveness and a relationship to all of us. He was really excited by it and genuinely moved. At the end of the meeting he prayed to trust Christ, which was amazing to see. Please pray for him as he begins this really exciting journey of getting to know Jesus and pray that the CU would be able to support him well.

Today is Michael and my last full day in Serbia. Tomorrow Michael Green arrives to give the final evening talk. Tonight Michael will preach on the Cross which, obviously, gives us so many more clear opportunities to explain what Christianity is all about. Pray for guests to return, pray for those friends who have promised to come but so far haven’t to do so, and pray for Michael that he might again explain the gospel in a way that makes people want it to be true and then see that it is.



Great to hear about someone coming to believe and being excited about what Jesus has done. Good idea of the CU getting involved in the philosophy department, where people ask the ultimate questions, and that Michael could address them. God bless.


Thanks! Yes be very encouraging. We need more Christians to engage in philosophy! :)

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