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Joe writes:

‘Thanks for your prayers!

Monday was a good start to the week. 7 students came along to the prayer meeting, where there’s previously been only one or two. It’s rousing for us to know students are committed to the week and reaching their campus. We welcomed 4 guests along to our lunchtime event up in a top-floor bar in the SU, where David gave a short presentation on the question ‘How can Jesus be the only way?’ before inviting up our second guest speaker, Shelley, to share her story of conversion from Hinduism to Christianity. Hearing the cost she endured in submitting to Christ as Lord alone, supplanting the huge numbers of Hindu gods she’d been brought up to bow before, was moving and thought-provoking. She shared her story of the moment she announced she was now a follower of Jesus to her Hindu family on Kala day (a day celebrating the goddess of their household, akin to Christmas) communicated the scale of this new relationship with Jesus impacting every part of Shelley’s life, but also the love of a God who welcomed and celebrated her cultural identity as a second generation British Indian.

2 of the guests that joined us came after receiving  flyers, which was a thrill to see, with the other 2 coming through friendships in the CU. Please pray for ‘S’, who spoke with David and a member of the CU afterwards. Today the CU are setting up a stand with tea and coffees and seeking to engage students with a few interactive first contact questions regarding satisfaction. We look ahead to tonight’s talk from David on ‘Sex and freedom. What would Jesus say to Hugh Hefner?’. Do pray for David as he gives the talk, and the CU students as they engage in chats with guests both on campus and at the event. Would also appreciate prayers for peace and focus for David and I after the both of us received some unexpected news earlier this week- pray that we would continue to love and serve the CU well up here! ‘

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