Northumbria update

David has written us another small update from Northumbria.

He writes:

‘This week has been so encouraging for us as a team. Northumbria CU have been amazing at welcoming us and getting stuck in with the organisation of every event.

Wednesday morning we had a table offering tea and coffee set up, This was to aid students to engage in the question ‘where do you find your fulfilment?’. There was a wide variety of answers ranging from, relationships to money, power and career and more. The most popular answer was ‘relationships’. The students engaged in great conversation whilst giving out flyers and drinks.

Last night I gave the talk entitled ‘What would Jesus say to Hugh Hefner?’.

The talk was about freedom and I focused in on the story of the prodigal son. We had four guests. There was a couple of guests who found the talk thought provoking and agreed with some of what I said, but they really struggled to see their need for God and were happy with their lives without the Lord. Please pray for them, pray that God would speak to them in a way that is unique to them, may He change their life for ever.

Today, we’re having another tea and coffee table set up at the Students Union as a form of first contact. This will be a great opportunity to invite students to Joe’s talk on mental health. Please pray for strength for our Joe, this is a very sensitive topic for some people, but he’s being very brave in sharing his own experience on this topic. Pray as he gives the talk at lunch time. Joe will also be giving the talk this evening on ‘What would Jesus say to Donald Trump?’

Please keep praying for the students as they engage in conversation with their fellow students, as they go flyering and invite their friends to come to the events, pray that they would feel encouraged by their work no matter how ‘successful’ the events seem to be.

I’m going back to Bournemouth today for two days before the Croatia mission on Sunday. Joe will stay here for couple more days giving another talk on Friday night, keep praying for him and the students at Northumbria University.’

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