Northampton CU Mission

This week Joe and Oli are in Northampton for their events week at the University!

The week is entitled ‘Illuminate’ , the CU is made up of around 20 students and this is quite a new venture for them! they have some very enthusiastic committee members.

Tonight being the first night is a crucial night! Joe will speak on:

‘Life of fresh starts: How can I make the most of Uni?’

He says: ‘Please pray that it would be a gripping introduction for the week and that it would inspire people to want to come back and look into Jesus for the first time. I’m making the case that if students want to make the most of their time here, it must involve them exploring Jesus!’

Pray for Oli and Joe to sharpen their talks for later on in the week

Pray for students to get involved, particularly with the first contact that will be happening in the mornings, and that this would be a strategic springboard for future missions.

Pray people would be attracted to the events and that they would come along. Especially those who are living at home or on the outskirts, and that they would see student’s coming to trust in the Lord.


Here is the Flyer for the week!


Please do keep praying with us! We will keep you updated on the progress of the mission and Oli and Joe!

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