New Year, New Team

As we approach the start of a new academic year we’re looking forward to the arrival of our new team of associates and a new member of staff! Next week, 21-26 August, we will welcome all of them to Bournemouth for a week of orientation. During the week we will be introducing them to you… so watch this space.

The summer has been a quieter time on the MOET front. There’s been time for holiday as well as study, reading and preparation. But there have also been opportunities to speak on summer camps. As usual, I (Michael) spoke on the teenage camp in Leicester connected with Knighton Free Church. It was a good week despite being rather wet, and encouraging to see people taking steps forward in their walk with Jesus. The week before I was in Spain speaking at the GBU (IFES Spain) summer camp for students. It was a week to train and encourage in evangelism and it was really encouraging to see the enthusiastic way they received the teaching. It was also exciting that not all the students were yet believers, and it was a joy, after several conversations. to pray with one of them at the end of the week.

Do be praying for the new team as they arrive into Bournemouth over the weekend and as they start to settle in to a new place and a new routine.

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