MOET Alumni Weekend


Back at the end of June we had the joy of having most of the MOET alumni join us for a weekend here in Bournemouth. The MOET alumni are all those who have been trainees over the past years as well as others who have joined us for training placements.

We had a wonderful weekend enjoying incredible weather, encouraging fellowship, tasty food and great teaching.

A big part of the weekend was spent sharing with and praying for each other. It was wonderful to hear about what everyone is getting up to in different parts of Europe. We heard news from Switzerland, Germany, Armenia and Ukraine as well as from those around the UK.

It was also a joy to have Michael Green join us for the weekend. Michael gave insightful and wise teaching from a life time of evangelistic ministry. His talk on the changes he has seen in the last 60 years was really fascinating and he helpfully then applied it to help us think about how we might adapt and respond to the changes we will inevitably see in the future ourselves.

On the Sunday morning Michael spoke and the team all gave reports of missions and ministry from the past year – you can watch here. In the evening we ran a sample evangelistic event to give the church a taste of what a student mission event might look like. It was great to have Elisa Meylan from Switzerland giving the talk. You can watch it here.

Do pray for all the extended team as they continue to serve in their different contexts around Europe.

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