Mission Week Leuven

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It’s great to be in Leuven supporting the local Ichtus group with their mission week and I’m so impressed by the enthusiasm of these students. A girl told us yesterday how the group has changed: Two years ago they only did very theoretical bible studies, no one opened up and they didn’t really get to know each other. But through the great leadership of two students and through prayer things have changed: They became friends, they have started to invite their non Christian friends to be part of their community and last year they did their first mission week. They are all excited about the week, some of them have been to the FEUER network, others were CU guests in February in Edinburgh and a lot of them came back with enthusiam from the presence-conference in Germany last week. Praise the Lord for how he is at work in the Ichtus group!

Sunday night we started with prayer, a bible exposition and a seminar at a local church. Today at a very well attended prayer meeting we heard so many encouraging stories from the first day: During the mornings we headed out on different campuses and did first contacts. The creative ideas of the students attracted people and many had deep conversations and also had the opportunity to pray for people. Conversations went on after the lunchbar on “Has science buried God” and the evening on “love” and at both events we had a good number of guests. Seeds have been sown, students are intrigued and people came back today. Please, pray that these seeds would grow and take root.

Yesterday a science student came to the lunchbar. His flatmate who is part of Ichtus had invited him. He said he had never heard things like that before, came back in the evening and brought another non-Christian friend with him. We chatted through a lot of his questions and I think God is obviously at work in his life, but he’s also fighting against it. His friend didn’t come back today as he was afraid he would then become a Christian! We had another long conversation after the lunchbar today and he’ll come back tonight. People are wrestling so, please pray that the Lord would work in their lives and that they encounter Him.

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prayed particularly for the ones mentioned. May the one who didn’t dare to come near you all again discover that God can reach him anywhere!

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