Mission in the Netherlands

Michael Says:

‘On my way home from Malta I was able to spend a couple of days in the Netherlands to speak at two gatherings. The first of these was the annual Navigators staff conference. I had the opportunity to speak to the 50 staff about my experience of evangelism across the continent and in particular to share about mission weeks and how they are effective tools for the gospel. The hope is that they can join in partnership with the IFES groups and so mean that the missions could have an even greater impact. Like IFES, some of the Navigators groups in the Netherlands are very big – it would be wonderful therefore to see them mobilising their groups for mission.


The following day I was one of the speakers at a new initiative set up by my friend Frederik who is now working for IFES to promote missions across the country. The day was called ‘Go Pro’ and was for those who want to be involved in the public proclamation of the gospel. We had two tracks – one for those who felt a calling to speak at such events and another for those who wanted to learn how to organise mission weeks. We had about 30 attend from the Netherlands and Belgium. It was a joy to see some of the students from Leuven and hear them share about the mission we were involved in back in the spring. It is exciting to see how missions are growing across the two countries and to hear their plans to do them in several new cities this coming year.’

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