Manchester City-wide Mission!

Hello from Manchester!

Everything has kicked off here! With two lunchbars already behind us, we are fully into the swing of things. Lindsay Brown started us off with a talk on, ‘Can I trust the New Testament in a post-truth age?’ followed swiftly by a talk on ‘100 years of suffragettes. But isn’t the Bible sexist?’ by Ann Brown.

The first had a slow start with a couple of guests and the second had a few more. We anticipate great growth as the week progresses though :)

Michael will speak at tonight’s evening event on identity, with the story of an up and coming musician.

Tomorrow, lunch bars will start at the smaller campuses too, and there will be 4 lunch bars across the city!

David and Oli will both be delivering talks tomorrow at different campuses. Oli will speak on, ‘What would Jesus say to Kim Jong Un?’ Following this talk I will join Oli for the question time. David will be speaking on, ‘What would Jesus say to Kim Kardashian?’ and Joe will join him for the question time.

Please could you pray specifically for these talks and the question times? Question times often need more preparation than the talk itself as you need to be prepared for every eventuality!  So great wisdom will be needed by all of us.

I have attached the brilliant flyers for the week, so you can know what is happening at the University of Manchester specifically, and all the evening events are there too.

Thank you again for your continued prayer and support – we need it!

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