24th July 2018


Michael Ots Evangelism Trust (MOET) came into existence in 2008 to enable Michael to carry out his work and use his gift as an itinerant Evangelist to students in universities in the UK and Europe.

In 2012 a training programme was developed to enable a number of young evangelists to work alongside Michael. With the addition of support staff 10 young people from the UK and Europe have spent a 10-month period with MOET during the years since 2012. Many others from UK and Europe have been trained on a shorter-term basis.

These years have been immeasurably fruitful in the spread of the gospel message in accessible ways, with countless clear responses from students placing their trust in Jesus as Lord. In addition, many young Christian students have been equipped and encouraged to share their faith confidently. We give thanks to God for how he has blessed this work richly in so many ways.

While Michael remains committed to evangelism, especially among students, he has for some time been considering different avenues for continuing his ministry. He has also been considering different models of training others. It became clear that Michael’s plans were not certain enough to sensibly appoint trainees for the 2018/2019 academic year. Following from that, it became clear that there would be no future role for Lara. After much prayer and heart-searching it was evident to the trustees that there was no future for MOET in its current form.

As a result, Michael’s employment with MOET will come to an end on 31st July 2018 and as soon as financial and administrative issues have been completed the Trust will cease to exist.

Michael and the trustees are very grateful to you for your support over the last 10 years. We would request that you cancel any financial support with immediate effect. The trustees would like to assure you that we will distribute any residual funds held by MOET to appropriate organisations and individuals, in line with the objects of the Trust.

Michael will be spending the quieter months over the Summer considering the best way to continue the ministry that the Lord has called him to. Michael would value your ongoing support, and if you would like to receive updates from him in the future please confirm that by response to Gaynor Brown at , by August 31st 2018, titled ‘Future Information’, so that your details can be passed on to him.


We continue to hear many encouraging stories of salvation from the student world across the continent. Memories of these anchor in us the unity of the gospel in the years past, give us strong resolve for living the gospel in the present, and show good hope that God’s Word won’t be chained, and will bring new opportunities, for the future.


We feel sure that you will want to join us in continuing to pray for the students of our continent, so here are a couple of suggestions of websites you might find helpful :-

  • FEUER – for news of missions across the continent led by MOET alumni and others in the FEUER network.


  • UCCF The Christian Unions – In order to stay in touch with their work you may like to follow the progress of Staff and Relay Workers new to their posts in August, and also trustee Nay, based in Southampton.


All that remains is for us to say an enormous THANK YOU to you as friends, financial and material supporters, pray-ers, encouragers, advisers and gospel co-workers. You have all played key roles partnering with Michael over the last decade or so, and it has been a joy for us to have had the privilege to live and serve alongside him and grow together in the unity of the risen Jesus, for which our hearts are indebted to Him.

Long may this work prosper along other avenues, with other teams and methods, and let this be our united prayer going forwards, to God’s glory.


Grace and peace to you all in Jesus’ name,


Nay, Julian, Mary, Mike, Lizi , Chris and Michael


(Michael and the MOET board of trustees)


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