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The news about Jesus is the best news in the world, and we want as many people as possible to hear it.  We love talking about Jesus ourselves, but we are also passionate about helping people like you to share the truth about Jesus with the people around you.

Our Resources

On this site you’ll find a collection of resources to help you share the truth about Jesus with those who don’t know him yet.  We have talks on difficult questions and big topics, and training sessions to help you communicate clearly who Jesus is, and why it matters.  And if you are part of a university Christian Union or a church, we also have material to help you plan and run events where your friends can find out about Jesus.

You can search our resources using the menu above.  Or, if you need help with something but you can’t find it, feel free to send us a question using the form on this page.

Michael and the MOET team are available to speak at Christian Union mission weeks and other evangelistic events, and to help to train Christians to share Jesus with their friends.  If you’d like to invite the MOET team to your event, contact us using the form on this page.  Please try to give us as many details as possible (When and where is the event? Who will be there? What you would like us to do?) and we will get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

You should also check out our bookshop – we’ve put together a selection of recommended books to help you answer questions and share Jesus with other people.

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