Hello Malta!

We arrived in Malta a couple of days ago and events started on Sunday evening. So it’s time for a proper update!

The theme of the week is: ‘Tattoo or Taboo?’ and the talks for the week are based around famous people’s tattoos or quotes. Below is a glimpse into the weeks plans.

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The CU here is made up of around 10 or so students, most of them are international students who have come to study for a semester or year.  There are very few Maltese students involved in the group and lot of the students here are medical students with very little time to come along to events and help in the day. Do pray that more students would come along and help!

Students here are really open to having conversations on campus as they are sitting around. I think the warm weather helps with that!

The topic that the CU have decided on seems to be a really effective way of engaging with people on campus here. We have a quick ice breaker (matching up which tattoo belongs to which celebrity) which leads very naturally into good conversations.  Then talking about what sort of things people want to be marked with or what sort of mark they would like to leave on the world opens up to good gospel conversations.

What have we had so far?


We had a BBQ on the beach on Sunday night. Around 60 people came and most of them had no connection with the group here; a lot of them were Erasmus students who have come to study for a year or a term. People come to study in Malta from all over the place, and we had a lot of guests from Germany, Italy and the UK.

Michael gave a talk entitled ‘Imagine there’s no heaven’ is this life really all there is? People seemed to engage with the talk and a few came back to Monday’s lunchtime talk. The evening also saw live music by Olivier and Joe, which gave it a warm and welcoming atmosphere and good approachability.

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We started Monday morning with time to pray together and then went out to flyer and speak to people on campus. The quadrant was absolutely packed as the University extended freshers week to Monday because it had rained one day last week.  So this meant we had possibly even more opportunity to talk to people because there were so many!

There was a small miscommunication with the University which meant that one of the stalls that we had set up had to be taken down, and though it seemed to be a bit of a disaster it worked out really well in the end, as it meant that we could be milling around talking to people rather than standing in one spot.

Michael gave a talk in the open air (I think one of the first he has done like that). His title was ‘Together forever, eternally’ Can love really last?’ and although not that many people came to sit with us where we had set up seats, there were people perched on walls nearby and sat on picnic tables around who could hear what was being said.  Afterwards a couple of the team went over to chat to some of  them and some great conversations were had!

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It is clear that God has started to work in people already!

Please pray for us all as we go into today and into the rest of the week that God would keep speaking through Michael and that we could all be used to lift Him high here! Pray for those we have already spoken to, that something would stick with them and that they would come back to other events through the week.

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