Hello from Tampere!

What a delightful week this has been! The commitment from the students here has been an inspiration a nudge and an encouragement! They have shown real vision and expectancy for what God can do in their university and we have seen God bless the week hugely!

They went into their first mission with the planning of three good evening events and the focus on advertising in the day! They didn’t bite off more than they can chew and they focussed on doing the things they are doing to the best of their ability. I think this has set a good foundation for missions to be built on in the coming years!

There has been a good amount of interest from those receiving flyers, and a steady growth in the events. Last night there were more people attending (around 60-70). On Tuesday night there were around 40-50, and good conversations were had all over the room. So tonight, we can pray we get a solid 100 people!

Michael spoke on Suffering last night and as is normally the case the topic proved an attractive one whilst flyering! It was a sunny day and great day to be out and about which was reflected in people’s enthusiasm! People here are polite and willing to take flyers with a smile on their face but we still need to pray that they will be drawn to the topic on the flyer and actually read what is going on and come.

I was praying for an opportunity to talk to someone and then a student who had received a flyer came and sat on my table, he was listening intently throughout the talk and then we had some great conversation afterwards.

Michael will speak on freedom tonight. The event is later than the first two nights which were at 5pm. 20:30 is quite late here and we are praying that this wouldn’t put people off and they would still come! Tonight also sees an unofficial start to the weekend here, so this could mean people are likely to come nevertheless. Let’s pray that’s the case.



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