Googling God, Tbilisi Georgia

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Joe writes…

Thanks for your prayers! We’re just reached the end of day 3 of Googling God week out here Georgia. Aside from the usual teething problems that come with a first mission, we’ve been so encouraged to see a packed venue of students each evening wanting to engage with the topics and investigate Jesus more- students who have travelled from faculties all over the city (‘D’ and ‘O’ joined us today in a 20 minute taxi ride today to come, ‘D’ ticked ‘count me in’ tonight!). Many are asking these questions for the first time, and a good few have commented how they’ve relished exploring the person of Jesus in lecture rooms rather than in orthodox church contexts, where Jesus is often entangled in tradition and restrictions are placed upon asking serious questions.


‘Z’ has been one such student, a theologian who has joined us right through the week and has been astounded by the tone of discussion. He nearly got up and left just before the talk started on the first day, by the end his response was “wow”. Michael is meeting with him tomorrow, and he seems to have warmed to relationship with Jesus, so do keep him in your prayers! ‘N’ and I had a long chat together yesterday about the difference Jesus makes to our daily lives and why He is uniquely good news compared to other faiths. We prayed through some gospel truths together at the end- afterwards he was really touched and said he got ‘goosebumps’ as we chatted to Jesus. Mary is also meeting with ‘A’ and ‘A’ yesterday, nominal members of another faith who are increasingly interested in discovering more about the Christian faith, so please pray for that meeting. Tomorrow’s talk is on the resurrection over a meal, where we’re expecting many to join us. Appreciate prayers!


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