Golden Wednesday in Manchester

It’s Golden Wednesday here in Manchester and after a wonderfully encouraging prayer meeting, where we heard lots of encouraging stories from CU members and guests about conversations that have been had with people throughout the week so far, we are out on our campuses ready for another day!

I’ll give you a little run down of the week so far before mentioning the plan for today and tomorrow.

Monday’s evening event was based around stories of identity. A singer songwriter, Lydia Evangeline, who has performed alongside the likes of McFly and Elton John came along and shared something of her story and some of her work with us. The evening was wonderfully put together and the room looked warm and inviting. There were a fair few guests but the room felt like it had lots of room for growth.

This was a feeling that wasn’t passed on to last nights event where we listened to stories of suffering.  James Kennedy joined us as the guest of honour to be interviewed. The evening was incredibly well put together and the room was packed out with all the extra seats put out and filled! The evening consisted of an interview with James who worked as a surgeon for 10 years. With 4 degrees and an DPhil under his belt he shared how he now serves in a church in Chipping Norton. He shared his glimpses of how his involvement in healing people, specifically cancer patients, highlighted a longing to help people find wholeness.  He shared thoughts from when he was practicing, he found that when people were healed physically the heart of the fears that had been stirred up within people from their sickness hadn’t been dealt with. He has a longing to speak to the whole person with physical and existential needs. His story was truly fascinating and the room was stirred into a stillness that showed every word was being heard.

We also heard a very powerful spoken word delivered by one of the students exploring her own journey through the ages of 18 to 21.

The evening really was spectacular and an exciting pointer to what God may bring today! Lots of great conversations were had and along with giving thanks we can pray that those conversations can be something monumental to those people!

Today Michael will enter into a debate with the ISoc here at 12pm. It is set to be a really exciting event where both parties get a fair chance to talk and questions are invited to both debaters at the end.

Meanwhile Manchester Uni will have a lunch bar on ‘Only one way to God?’ and Joe will be speaking at Salford uni on ‘What would Jesus say to Stormzy?’

Tonight we will be looking at stories of Meaning!

Thank you for all your prayers for this week! Please do keep praying with us!

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