From Scotland to Serbia

This last weekend Michael was in Scotland speaking at the Dundee CU weekend away, and is now in Serbia for the coming week. He writes:

“It was great to be with the students from Dundee. They were enthusiastic and keen to learn, and are already making good plans for their mission week in January. It was a special joy to have Dick Dowsett come and do a seminar on reaching international students; Dick is will be coming to speak at a series of events for international students during the mission week. In fact, he’ll be doing this for three of my four spring missions. I’m really looking forward to working with him and helping the CUs make the most of the opportunity of reaching students from all over the world.

I then flew to Serbia via a convoluted route across Europe to get to Belgrade for their mission that starts today. There is only a small team of students involved, so do pray that they can have a big impact. I speak each night until Wednesday, and then on Thursday in a different city in the south of the country where they will organise their first public evangelistic events.”

The titles Michael will be speaking on each evening are:

Monday: “But don’t you need evidence?”
Tuesday: “But isn’t faith just a crutch for the weak?”
Wednesday: “The search for freedom”

On Thursday he moves on to Kragujevac (70 miles south of Belgrade), where he will speak on: “What kind of God limits my sexuality?”


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