Forum 2015

Although it already feels like the summer is long gone (thanks to the disappointing Bournemouth weather), the new term kicks off for MOET today as Michael and Gareth head to Forum.

Forum is an annual gathering of Christian Union leaders hosted by UCCF. This afternoon hundreds of leaders will arrive in Shropshire from all over the country, along with UCCF staff, Relay workers and other supporters (like us!). It’s a vital time for training and for sharing the vision of giving every student in Great Britain the chance to hear the good news of Jesus. And this year promises to be the biggest ever, with over 1050 students signed up.

We’d really value your prayers this week. One main reason we’ll be there is to meet with all the CU’s we’ll be working with in the Autumn and in the Spring. These meetings allow us to get to know the CUs better, and to begin to make plans. Please pray that the CU leaders would trust us as we help them to plan, and that God would give us wisdom as we talk to them.

On Thursday, Michael and Gareth will each lead a seminar. Michael will help some of the leaders to think through planning a mission week, while Gareth will be giving some last-minute help and advice for making the most of Freshers week. Please pray that these seminars would be helpful. Pray that the result would be more effective outreach on lots of campuses, and pray that the ultimate fruit would be changed lives as more students meet Jesus.

Alongside Forum, UCCF also runs a Student Worker Forum, which aims to develop partnership with student workers in churches. On Friday, Gareth will be co-leading a seminar for them on identity and evangelism, called, “I could never be a Christian because I’m…” Pray that this seminar would better equip student workers to support students in their witness on campus.

Thanks for praying! We’ll give you an update at the end of the week to give you our Forum highlights!

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