Falmouth CU mission week: The story so far…

I’ve had a great time in Falmouth so far, although the challenges and opportunities have been very different to last week in Bristol. Falmouth CU is made up of students from Falmouth University and Exeter University (who share a campus in Penryn). Falmouth is mainly art and design students, while Exeter mainly hosts sciences and humanities. And miners! So the CU is a really fun mixture of things I love talking about!

We kicked off the week with an art exhibition on the theme of ‘perception,’ made up mostly of work from non-CU members. Nancy, the brilliant UCCF staff worker in Falmouth, gave a short talk on the same theme, and how Jesus helps us to know God. Later in the week she also hosted a discussion for artists which was a great chance for students to open up about their work and ideas, and gave Nancy a natural opportunity to talk about her faith and how it impacts her work.

On Tuesday I spoke at a lunchbar on “Christianity: great for you but how is it relevant for me?” We had around 20 people, with about a third of them guests, and some good discussions afterwards.

Last night I spoke at a free meal in a local church hall; Falmouth CU do these regularly and they have a really good reputation, so around 60 people gathered for dinner and there were lots of new faces.

I spoke on, “how can a loving God not love everyone?” I’d mostly prepared a talk, but as I looked over it yesterday I decided to make some fairly major changes, which is always slightly stressful so close to the event. But later I got a text from Nancy telling me that during the prayer meeting she’d had a really strong sense from God that he would give me fresh inspiration, which reassured me as I stood up to speak.

There was a really good atmosphere in the room. The CU did a great job of welcoming friends, they served excellent food and handmade puddings, and people listened really well as I spoke. Afterwards someone signed a feedback form saying ‘tell me more’, and someone else ticked ‘count me in’ to show she’d trusted Jesus! Lots of people in the CU know her, and they were excited to see her take the step of trusting Jesus.

Please keep praying for us down in Falmouth! I’m about to speak at lunch on, “is God a control freak?” and tonight we have a pudding party (a 2 course meal where both courses are pudding!) where I’ll look at the tricky question of suffering. Then tomorrow we’re having an evening event called “Resurrection: fact, fraud or fairytale ending?” where we’ll invite people to come up with alternative theories for the resurrection, and then I’ll aim to explain why the resurrection make the most sense of the evidence.

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