We are in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

This week, Joe Oli and I are in Eindhoven, in The Netherlands.

We arrived yesterday and wanted to update you with the plans for the week but had some technical hitches.

But today everything seems to have been restored, so we can communicate with you on here.

The Student movement here is large. There are around 1090-120 students involved in the ICHTHUS movement. Alongside ICHTHUS there is also a Navigators group with around 10 people involved.

This is the first mission of this kind the group have attempted and it is exciting to be a part of something like this beginning here.

The student heading up the week came along to a mission in Cardiff in the Autumn term and has already implemented lots of the ideas here.

They have a full week of events with a local pastor speaking at the lunch time events and Joe Oli and myself speaking in the evenings.

So far there have been three events with a few guests at each.

Last night’s film discussion based around the Batman films was held in a University run Student hotel. We had a cinema esque room and hot drinks as well as home-made brownies. Watching clips and discussing questions was a helpful start to the week and there were people engaged. One student stuck around until kick out time discussing some of the deeper questions. He showed a keen interest in coming along to the rest of the events, so we are praying to see him again.

Tonight Oli will speak on the topic of freedom.

So far the talks have been more starter discussions to get people thinking about some deeper issues. Tonight, Oli will speak more about the freedom Jesus offers. and then through the rest of the week we are planning on bringing Jesus to the forefront. Tomorrow the lunch time will be on Religious extremism and in the evening, I will speak on ‘What does God say to poverty?’.

Students here are great at flyering! Pray that those that receive a flyer would be keen to come along and join in the event.

The groups also have their Cell groups tonight which they will continue to hold, It will be the planning committee for the week who will attend the events. We would love to pray for more of the group to get involved. We have had maybe 20-25 students at each of the events which has definite scope for growth.

This morning we prayed for individuals,and  friends – there are a lot of people who could be invited. Let’s pray for a boldness to see them invited to events, and for a willingness to come along.29468179_10160090910420425_4367778158582169600_o

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