After a slow start in Eindhoven the end was far from slow!

The final lunch bar and evening event saw lots of guests coming along and lots of brilliant and long lasting conversations.

After the lunch bar on loneliness, Oli and I stayed for a couple of hours talking to a guy who believes that anything outside of the material world is nothing. We had a great chat and challenged him to look at Jesus as a person who seemed to do things out of the ordinary and see if there was anything extraordinary about him. He agreed to do this.

At the same lunch bar I had a great conversation with a girl from a Christian background who had heard the bible talked of so much and yet it seemed impossible to connect those words to the reality of life. She said that she felt there was something missing and when I asked if she thinks it could be Jesus she said yes. She still has a lot of questions but will meet up with the local staff worker to read and discuss the bible.

There were a lot from the wider Christian Union there throughout the day yesterday and we could see a marked difference in the atmosphere and buzz around the place.

It really was striking how different it was. Even if your event consists mainly of Christians with a  couple of guests , it is still better for those couple of guests to come into a vibrant room rather than an empty room with only 2-3 Christians sitting in it. We saw the impact of that last night! Joe gave a great talk on the resurrection and conversations went on until around gone 11pm!

The CU are encouraged and definitely keen to do another mission!

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