Eastern Europe

Michael is away at a mission in Eastern Europe this week. He gets there today. Events start tomorrow and go through until Thursday night. Please pray that he would be wise in word and deed and that the gospel can go out faithfully and that many could hear and be attracted to the radical message of Jesus.


Michael will speak on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday.

Tuesday lunchtime he will speak on: ‘The real evidence: The Bible of 1517 and the bible at present. I need evidence.’

Tuesday evening he will speak again on: ‘The real Me: This pizza is real, what about you? / who are you without instagram?’


Wednesday lunchtime: ‘Real pain: there is too much suffering and tears. Who is to blame? ‘

Wednesday evening: ‘Real love: does love look like a dream?’


Thursday lunchtime: ‘Real life: Does God limit my freedom?’

Thursday evening: ‘Real hope: Is there life after life?’



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