Day 4/I Have A Dream/Ichtus Mission Week Leuven

Joe speaking from Leuven…

We’ve experienced a remarkable openness to conversation about Jesus here, something which the students have been so thankful to God for. It’s been amazing for them to see how the Lord has been working to warm hearts following last year’s mission week, with many returners joining us too. Following on from Mary’s blog yesterday, here’s a couple of stories to be praising Jesus for and praying further over.

‘F’ – Came yesterday evening for the first time after hearing about the events. Upon hearing the talk about the freedom God gives us in Christ, ‘F’ indicated how she felt trapped in a prison of fear and wanted to know freedom. One of the team shared with her on what 1 John means about perfect love casting out fear and the true freedom it promises. She said she’d never heard the grace of the gospel explained in this way before and, after walking through a ‘Yes to Jesus’ booklet, trusted Christ. She returned today saying ‘this is my first day as a Christian’ and that she felt so free!

‘C’ – has joined right through the week after coming the first night and has been astonished by what he’s heard about Jesus. Heavily weighing things up, has prayed with some of the team and has started telling his atheist friends that they need to be open minded to Jesus! Seems right on the cusp of trusting Him. Pray that He would. Pray too for his unbelieving friend, who said he wasn’t coming back as he found the arguments for Jesus too persuasive and he was worried he would become a Christian. Pray he would come back tonight too!

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