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Golden Wednesday has passed and we’re over halfway through the week here in Leeds at Something More, and what a week it’s been! We heard at the prayer breakfast of 9 professions of faith and 36 students being followed up in conversation and reading the bible together this week off the back of the events! Thank you so much for your prayers, here’s a few exciting specific updates from Joe on day 3 writing after the evening event…

Momentum has built through the week and it was a real joy to see and hear of such significant movements in the hearts of students we’ve been praying for alongside CU members in prayer breakfasts particularly. A CU student and I prayed for his housemate ‘G’, a Law student, this morning and he returned this evening where he stayed beyond the talk and Q & A to discuss the gospel with one of the CU guests. He’s been very invested in events across the whole week, so do pray he comes to living faith in Jesus.

Following one of the most well-attended events Leeds has seen in sometime at lunchtime exploring the question of God and suffering, hosted before a continuing series of international suppers, a number came back to the evening event. Focused on the topic of happiness, the CU pieced together a number of artistic features (a drama from some students and a spoken word from myself) in tandem with a candid testimony from a Leeds CU graduate to supplement a talk on the search for satisfaction. The homemade milkshakes were a treat, but even more of a thrill was to see some make commitments to follow Jesus. One such student was ‘G’ (a different ‘G’ to the one above), who happened just to pop in off the back of a flyer this week, as well as ‘C’, a Chinese student who went to church just before Christmas and grew increasingly interested in the person of Jesus over the course of the mission this week. Do remember these and the other students who have made professions of faith this week in your prayers- we’ve been particularly impressed by the CU’s brilliant follow-up video played at the end of every talk explaining clearly the next steps seeking students/new Christians can take, so we trust there will be a great nurturing in these new lives in Leeds.



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so exciting! May this be the start of a flood and a day to be remembered for years to come. May there be a turning of the tide in the UK and all Europe.

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