Day 3 I Have A Dream, Ichtus Mission Week, Leuven

Momentum is building each day with many people entering deep discussion about the Christian faith. Each day teams go out into the streets and invite people to the events as well as entering into conversations through belief mapping questionnaires and question boards. The openness to chat has been absolutely astonishing, it can only be because of the Holy Spirit moving in this city.
We have seen people come to the events through personal invites, conversations on the streets, flyers and just seeing the posters! It’s wonderful to see how God works.
During the week many have returned to come to next days events and we have had the privilege of seeing God work through many of their doubts and questions. Uninterested atheists are now arguing for the claims of Jesus! What transformation!
With one more day of the mission to go we know what God still has a lot of work to be done and we are so expectant to see how he continues to change people’s lives. Mary

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