‘Dare to think’? In Ghent

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Oli writes:

‘We had a great start yesterday with a large number of studetns and helpers to reach out on five different campusses across the city!

There were around thirty people there for morning prayers, several of whom have had a lot of experience and were supporting those going out for the first time. all five campusses had first contact activities where they all addressed the same question of ‘s the Bible sexist?’. Most students were open to conversation and looked interested in the events coming up.

We heard of some encouraging responses from students across the campuses who were happy that there are young believers organising events like this, lots of them seemed keen to join in at some point during the week. So we are hoping and praying that they will indeed come along.

we ahd 4-5 guests who came through the first contact outreach to listen to the talk on ‘Is the Bible sexist?’.

In the afternoon most people had some free time and a few of the students went to talk with people by the river and some had great conversations and opportunities to pray with people. This was encouraging to hear.  the evening talk was on Suffering and we had a few more guests for that one.  most of them indicated an interest to come back to other events too.  Its good to see more people finding their way to the venue. the talks are given by an English team who have come along from Oxford. But I will deliver some talks in Flemish too, some students looked excited at the idea of having talks in their own language!

The team is comprised mainly of guests from the UK, the Netherlands and even Germany! there are also 5-10 guests coming to join us from Leuven where they had a mission for the last two years. there are also several young people from a local church helping out. Most of the helpers are guests and not students from the group here. there are around 10-15 local students involved, But it’s great to see how they are responding wanting to make it their own and getting more involved. We are hoping and praying the more of the local students will get involved and claim it for their own too!

Pray for the second day, that we may see more people coming along and thank God for the conversations we’ve already had. Pray for the conversations we are yet to have too, both with guests that have already come and guests yet to come!

Please could you rpay that the local students will jhoin and that they will build a really stable group who are keen for the coming years.

Todays talks are:

‘Is there one right truth?’ and tonight I will speak on ‘Can we find lasting satisfaction?’

So please pray for this great mission in Ghent! I am really looking forward to seeing what God will develop in the coming days!

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