Croatia update

Michael writes:

‘We had a good first day here in Rijeka, Croatia. At lunch time we went to the university to hand out flyers and engage people in discussion with question boards. We found people quite open to chat and very willing to receive the invitations and a few people came along to the evening event off the back of it.

The events are being held in the basement of a pub near the university. It’s a cosy venue which works well for the week and a good crowd came comfortably filling the room. I spoke on ‘The search for evidence-Is there a God?’ and afterwards one of the students shared their testimony of how they came from atheism to faith in the course of last year. It was great to see her joy as she shared the difference Jesus has made in her life. People listened well and asked numerous questions afterwards. A big issue for many people here is that they are disillusioned with religion because of their experience of the church. It was great to show how Jesus not only reveals that God exists but also that he shows that God is very different to our preconceived ideas.


Afterwards there were some really good conversations and one student was already quite close to faith. We’re praying that the good start would provide the basis for things to grow today and that numbers and interest will increase. Tonight I will speak on ‘Is faith just a psychological crutch for the weak?’ ‘


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